Smart Geyser and Swimming Pool Timers

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Life is getting busier and who can remember to turn off the geyser every morning. Or you are sitting overseas somewhere and decide you want to change the schedules at home because you will not be there for a week.

That's why we help readers with easy-to-install Geyser and Pool Timers. 

Easily and quickly installed in the roof of your geyser's existing isolator.

  1. Easily and quickly installed in the roof of your geyser's existing isolator.
  2. Control the geyser from your smartphone from anywhere on earth. Your geyser is now on the internet!
  3. Any family member will also be able to control your geyser from their phones
  4. Your geyser is connected to the internet through your home's Wifi.
  5. Automate weekly and daily schedules using app on phone.
  6. You can have your geyser turned off automatically after a certain time
  7. View your geyser temperature online and automatically control its temperature
  8. Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Google Nest.
  9. Use your voice to control your geyser
  10. Swich large loads with a separate 25A contactor that will last longer than your usual geyser timers on the market

A quick explanation of the installation.

Please Note: Any electrical work must be done by a certified and qualified person. Advice our Business Directory for the right contact person closest to you.

This is your Typical Geyser installation:

geyser instellasie1

Replace your Geyser's isolator with your new Slim Timer and attach the sensor to the geyser outlet pipe:

geyser instellasie2

Install the eWeLink app on your smartphone and set up the smart timer with your home's Wifi.

(we will post more detailed information on how to set up your Geyser or Pool Timer)

Congratulations your Geyser is now on the internet and you can set up schedules and automatic features to make your life a lot easier but most importantly, save you money.

Smart Pool Timer:

The pool installation works the same way and in most cases, you can replace the small DB board at the pool with the Slim Timer. With this switch you can control your Pool as well as something extra such as your lapa light.

Use your voice to control your geyser or pool:

Here is an example where we control the Geyser Timer with our voice using an iPhone and a "Homebridge" installation. (more on this later)

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